Instruction Costs

So you have decided to obtain your pilot’s licence, and now you naturally have a lot of questions.


How do the different licences work?


What is entailed when learning to fly these different aircraft?


Do I have to do it full time or can I do it part time?


Which licence is for me?

To begin answering these questions you first need to answer the following question: What do I want to do once I have my licence?

Not sure? Download more information about our different licence options below.

The minimum age requirement is 17 years for all licences.

Training can be done full time or part time. The time required will depend on the licence you choose and whether you are going to do it part time or full time. You will be required to get a radio licence which can be obtained in Hoedspruit and to have done a flying medical, which can be obtained nearby.

The Comparison

Hours required for the licence (minimum)15 solo 10 dual15 solo 10 dual15 solo 20 dual15 solo 30 dual
Medical requiredYes ± R1500
Yes ± R1500Yes ± R1500Yes ± R1500
Restricted radio licenceYesYesYesYes
Cost per instruction hourR550 (on own a/c)R950R1050R1150
Registration (includes briefings, handouts)R1500R1500R1500R1500
Student pilot licence R370R370R370R370
Final pilot licence R370R370R370R470
Licence handling feesR750R750R750R1090
Lectures per hour up to 15R200R200R200R200
Radio Licence (obtained in Hoedspruit)R800R800R800R800
Literature obtainable at the schoolR550R550R550R
Practical flight test at the end of your trainingR550 / hourR950 / hourR1050 / hourR1150 / hour
Pilot excess insurance (R20 000) R120/ monthR120/ monthR120 / month
Pilot headset (available from the school)R1595R1595R1595R1595
Examinations per sitting (minimum no. of sittings)6 @ R2706 @ R2706 @ R2708 @ R270
Optional extras (available from the school)
Knee boards, Air Traffic control CDs, aviation maps, flight computers, pilot logbook, aviation ruler, aviation protractor, checklist, law book
Hoedspruit Flying Club membershipR600R600R600R600
MISASA and Aero Club – Microlight Association of South Africa membershipR630R630R630R630
No VAT Applicable To Any Costs | Prices Subject To Change

Please email us for a quote. Remember to request which option you are interested in.

Aircraft Hire

All aircraft will be available for hire and fly after completion of the licence.


Our aircraft are all fully insured and you will be required to carry pilot excess insurance to the value of R20 000 before going solo. This is not aircraft specific so you will be able to use it when flying any of our aircraft. This costs R120 per month if debit order is taken out or R277 per month if you go with the month-by-month option.