About Leading Edge Flight School

THE SCHOOL Leading Edge Flight School began training in 1995.  The school relocated to Hoedspruit, South Africa, during January 2002. There are two full-time instructors available 365 days a year.  The school offers training and flying safaris in Hoedspruit. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS The school is registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (ATO No. CAA/0141).  NPL licences are obtained from RAASA (Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa). Pilots have to become members of the Microlight Association of South Africa (MISASA). THE LICENCES The school offers training towards the National Pilot License (NPL) and the Private Pilot License (PPL). 1.The National Pilot Licence can be obtained in three categories: Weight Shift Microlight – on your own trike Conventionally Controlled Microlight – on the Bantam Light Sport Aeroplane – on the Jabiru SP 2.   The Private Pilot Licene  


Light Sport Aeroplane – used for PPL and NPL (LSA) Licenses


Conventional Controlled Microlight Aeroplane used for NPL (CCM) licences