Air Experience Flights

Air Experience flights are offered to allow you to experience flying in the world’s most amazing three axis microlight known as the BANTAM.  Flights of  20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes are available.  Enjoy the flight in the amazing Bantam with an option to feel the freedom of flight. The 180° panoramic view makes you feel as free as a bird. You can have the opportunity to have a hands on experience if you wish so. These flights are done under the school and are regarded as instructional flights and can be used as your first introductory flight should you wish to proceed with a licence.

Tantalize your adventurous side by coming to fly with us in the easy to fly Bantam aircraft

20-Minute Air Experience in a Bantam

Price: R1150

30-Minute Air Experience in a Bantam

Price: R1700

1-Hour Air Experience in a Bantam

Price: R2850

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